Tyger – A poem to music

Here is a personal interpretation of the poem Tyger by William Blake. My experience of this old poetic favourite was further enhanced by hearing the words put to music by German rock concept band Tangerine Dream.

Philosophy as a Science

Philosophy often deals with ideas and categories rather than specific facts. Can such a generalist approach be considered scientific in the same manner as the natural sciences, which deal with very specific empirical data to form tested principles or natural laws?

The Renaissance: Myth & Reality of Rebirth

This piece is a thesis essay and is therefore much longer than the average journalistic blog article. The author examines the history of how the Renaissance era emerged from the Middle Ages to be a revival or rebirth of classical Roman and Greek values in art and culture.


A journey that involves transporting a giraffe from the high plains of Ethiopia all the way to Paris, France. This adventurous tale reveals some of the fascinating history of Napoleonic North Africa an the affairs of prominent political figures of the times.

William Blake – Artist & Poet: A Brief Introduction

William Blake, poet and illustrator, is sometimes mistakenly associated with the English Romanticist poetry movement. Mister Blake’s poetic themes, however, were more mystical than worldly or sensual, which made his work different to his Romanticist contemporaries.