Corruption and the Finger Pointers

Cardinals Giovanni Angelo Becciu, [left] and George Pelle [right]

To anyone who knows anything about the trial of George Pelle in the state of Victoria, Australia, this is living testimony to the villainy of all the sewer rats lurking in the shadows and in the slime, while good men are persecuted and torn to shreds. I refer here to the lynch mob comprised of the Victorian Police, the Judiciary at the level of the Magistrates Court , the mainstream media, and any individuals who gave false testimony at the trials of George Pelle. I acknowledge that, so far, Archbishop Becciu has only been accused of financial misconduct. I don’t know that the charges have yet been heard in any court of law. My contention is regarding the mistreatment of George Pelle in Victoria, and yet Pelle has proven to be a man of better integrity than his accusers and, perhaps, some potentially corrupt officials in the Vatican.

On April 7, 2020, the High Court of Australia, on the appeal of Cardinal George Pelle’s prior court cases and convictions, handed down a unanimous (7 of 7) verdict of “Not Guilty” of child sexual abuse.

In my support of this development, along with the news of Pelle’s return to the Vatican to possibly head up some internal investigations, I occasionally get trolls on Twitter. One, whom I shall not name, said “You [meaning me] sound like a Christian Zionist”. Well, NEWSFLASH: I stay out of the Zionist vs Palestinian debate because I do NOT belong to either of these cultures. Yet, I do pray they can one day find the road to peaceful co-existence. This Twitter commentator seemed to me to be a hate-fuelled finger-pointer himself, so I said a quick “Goodbye” and blocked him from my page. Let’s move on.

Pelle has suffered much and also earned a much deserved second chance in life in the form of an opportunity to fix up some of the corruption in the Vatican, as the linked news article explains [below – under ‘Further Reading’]. I believe George Pelle is just the right man of integrity to do the job well. I wish him every success.

This saga is a textbook example of how bad people thrive in this world while good people get persecuted. The haters usually sit in high places and we need to be mindful of this whenever the angry mob points the collective finger at anyone.

Further Reading:

Take a look at the the article that sparked my interest, published in The Australian by Tom Kington [Oct 5, 2020]:

Image Credits:

The Australian (Oct 5, 2020), Article by Tom Kington. Feature picture for the article in The Australian. Caption: Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, 72, left, is suspected of wiring the cash to recipients in Australia who helped to ensure hostile testimony in the abuse trial of Cardinal George Pelle. Pictures: AFP.

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