A Christmas Tale

I would like to tell you all a tale, lads and lasses, of a beautiful experience I have just been through. I was sitting out in the back yard on a hot summer night [Australia], when I stretched my legs and gazed up into the skyline above my humble garden fence, I saw a bright crescent moon; a very unusual moon indeed. This slender moon was shining an intense golden colour [not silver]. Behind this crescent moon, I saw a full silver moon-disc, slightly offset from the crescent, like a kind of shadow.

I immediately wrung my eyes out in case my eye moisture was causing me to have a refractional illusion. But I could not shake off this object of beauty from my mind. It did not instill fear in me. I yelled at my sister to come out of the house and take a look at this beautiful thing, to tell me if I was seeing things. She saw exactly the same thing.

I really wish I’d had a professional camera at hand to show this to all my friends. If you don’t believe me, nay matter. That’s what I saw over my backyard fence that night. This simple interaction with Mother Nature affirms what I knew all along:


1. When your feeling down, fuck that ugly grey pavement below.

2. Make a voluntary commitment to occasionally gaze up to the majestic night sky.

3. When you do look up, feel the affinity with your creator and know you are not walking alone!

  • SPECIAL NOTE: Any of you scientific people out there are welcome to help me understand what I saw that night. I wonder, myself, was it a thing some folks call a moon-shadow. Was it some kind of minor moon eclipse. I’m not putting it all down to the faeries. I’m quite open to opinions, as long as there is no vulgarity or profanity in your comments. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful celebratory moment of nature for me. Inspiring!

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